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Re ignite Your Relationship

without giving up your masculinity

I Want to ...

Do you want a relationship you can be the man in?

Do you feel like you and your partner aren’t partners anymore? Like you’re roommates, at best?

Do you find yourself thinking …

“No matter what I say, I’m wrong. It’s not like I can read her mind!”

“We don’t connect anymore. Not physically, not emotionally, and not sexually.”

“I just can’t please her.”

“We’re drifting further apart every day.”

No matter what you do, it feels like you’re just not enough. You walk into conversations having already played them in your head a million times, knowing that there’s no way to make it right.

You only talk about the logistics … whose turn it is to do dishes, take out the trash, or do the laundry … and even then, you argue.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can heal your relationship. And not just in a superficial way. You can heal the underlying issues, the real problems that led to this separation.

With coaching and education, ou can build a relationship that fulfills you—and your wife—emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and sexually.

My wife and I had made great strides in our marriage, but I knew there was always room for improvement. Because of this, I gained a deeper understanding of my wife and was able to experience a deeper understanding of my wife. I was then able to reach a greater trust in my marriage.

—David S.

What kind of help do you need?

Courses and coaching with New Hope Resources and Wib are designed to help you get clarity on your goals, identify the obstacles in your way, and create strategies to move past them.

As opposed to counseling, which is focused heavily on awareness of situations and your part in them, the courses and coaching offered through New Hope Resources will give you an actionable plan so you can do your part to heal or improve your relationship.

Click below to learn about the different ways we can work together to get you the help you want and need.


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Strength from Within: A Men’s Course on Inward Soundness; Essential Leadership Skills for Marriage; The Great Start Program; and more!



Personal life coaching, relationship coaching, and life balance coaching

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Wib Newton.

For over 35 years I’ve been helping individuals and couples identify and achieve their personal and relational goals by recognizing obstacles and developing strategies for success. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to helping you find that same success.

I use the skills I learned daily in my relationships at work, with friends and more importantly with my family. Wib’s comforting encouragement helps me to strive to be more effective in my professional and personal life and reminds me to focus on being inwardly sound and outwardly serving.

—Rodney L.