Owning It or It Owning You?

“The more you own stuff, the more the stuff owns you.” This truism hit me hard last week.

My wife and I had always wanted to get a travel trailer. When the boys were younger, we enjoyed the camping so much with other families. It was inexpensive and we could go in a moment’s notice. It wasn’t until a leaky tent on a cold Colorado night that it became more difficult convincing our boys camping was going to be fun. So we quit when our oldest was around Jr. High age. Really, we were willing to give up sleeping on the ground also.

Janice and I do enjoy the outdoors so we dreamed of getting a trailer and exploring other parts of the country. So, with the boys all gone from the roost, we went shopping. We found just the right trailer that was big enough for the two us and small enough to be pulled by my truck. At least, that is what I thought. The truck did pull the trailer, at 10 MPG and going uphill was challenging. I remember asking the trailer salesman what were the hidden costs of owning a trailer. I never suspected it was going to be buying a new truck.

But, that is where I am. Shopping for a truck that will take me where I want to go… safely and economically. What I am looking at is bigger than I ever thought of getting and more expensive to own. But it will pull the trailer easily. I am having trouble swallowing this purchase because I really have tried to live a very simple life. My houses and cars have never been elaborate. I like to redeem coupons at the restaurant when possible. I will also drive across town to save 5 cents on a gallon of gas. I hate when life gets complicated and expensive.

So, our first major trip will be to Ohio where I will be working with an Amish community helping them develop a type of counseling center. If, in a couple of weeks, you drive by our house and see a “For Sale” sign in the front yard, you will know we have decided to trade everything in for a straw hat, bonnet, and a horse ‘n buggy. Although, I hear horses are expensive too. When will it end?

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by | May 27, 2019

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