Personal Life & Relationship Coach

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Personal Life Coaching

Let’s clarify and work together on reaching your personal goals!

Relationship Coaching (Especially MEN!)

Let me help you grow in your ability to listen, resolve conflict, & connect.

Life Balance Coaching

Together we will face the demands of life while taking care of yourself

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

When I work with you as a life coach, I act as an accountability partner and support network for you. Together we will work on clarify your goals, explore personal barriers that prevent you from attaining those goals and create plans for achieving the results you desire.

I will be bringing over 40+ years of working with people into the coaching relationship.  Unlike counseling, we will focus more on the future than on the past, with priority placed on taking action to get to the end goal, whatever that might be for you. 


Relationships- work with both singles and couples. I help individuals improve their communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, and grow in their ability to connect deeply.

• Time/Life Management- learn to balance life demands of work, family and play. The client will learn the secrets of time management and how to implement in their daily lives.

• Self-Care - learn to nurture the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual parts. All are important and need to continually grow.

• General Life Coach- create a clear vision of what the client wants. You’ll develop a positive mindset and overcome obstacles.

Key Features of Life Coaching

  • Life coaching is goal-focused and emphasizes action, moving forward and achieving results.
  • Life coaching teaches skills to help people break through their negative patterns or beliefs about themselves, break out of a rut or achieve the life of their dreams.
  • Life coaching is forward-looking and does not focus on healing the past. Instead, there is a focus on creating a better present and future.
  • Life coaching is tailored around the needs, strengths and goals of the individual and may vary in the duration and structure of sessions.
  • Life coaches use their knowledge and personal experiences to help clients make breakthroughs in their lives.




“I have used Wib as a regular sounding board for several years.  His questions make me think and I trust the values from which they come.  I count him as a trusted advisor.”  June H. (mother & entrepreneur) 

“When I came to Wib I was without focus and feeling scattered.  He not only helped me clarify my personal goals but also helped me find stategies to accomplishing them.”  Nate P. (business owner).

“You (Wib) came into my life at a very special time.  Thank you so much for your guidance.  You were and continue to be an answered prayer”  – Spunky H. (art therapist)


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!