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Does it feel like you can’t do anything right in your relationship? No matter how hard you try to make her happy, every word out of your mouth makes her angry, or hurt.

Like you’re constantly being expected to read her mind about what she wants, how she feels, and what she means … and you’re always guessing wrong?

Like the woman you were once passionately in love with is now someone you avoid, or who you hardly even know?

It’s time to stop walking on eggshells, and start walking with confidence.

In coaching, you and I will work together to achieve your goals—whatever you decide they may be. We’ll get to the core of the issues keeping you from happiness, love, trust, and a fulfilling physical relationship.

At the end of our time together, you’ll feel like a new man. One who can take his fate in his own hands, and move forward clearly, with determination.

But of course, this only works when you’re ready. When you’re committed enough to work with your coach and really address the core issues that have led to your unhappiness.

When I came to Wib, I was without focus and feeling scattered. He not only helped me clarify my personal goals but also helped me find strategies to accomplishing them.

—Nate P.

I Currently Offer Three Types of Coaching:

Personal Life Coaching

Let’s clarify and work together on reaching your personal goals! You’ll create a clear vision of what you really want, and develop a positive mindset to overcome the obstacles in your path.

Relationship Coaching

Let me help you grow in your ability to listen, resolve conflict, and connect. I work with both singles and couples. I help individuals improve their communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, and grow in their ability to connect deeply.

Life Balance Coaching

Together we will face the demands of life while taking care of yourself. You can learn to balance the demands of work, family, and fun, while nurturing your physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual demands.

FAQs About Coaching

As a licensed marriage family therapist in the state of Texas, I can tell you that counseling involves a therapist working with you to identify your problems and issues, and gain self-awareness of your role in your relationship. It tends to be therapeutic and healing in nature, dealing with past and present issues.

Coaching, on the other hand, is typically proactive, forward-looking, and goal-oriented. It involves us working together to find a plan of action that will work for you, and then acting on it.

Most of my clients are with me for about 6 sessions. I see them once a week, for 45-50 minutes per session.

Your monetary investment will depend on how you want to work together.

Whatever you are ready for it to be. At the end of your hard work, you will understand the best next step for your life, whatever that may be, and how to take action to make it happen.

You’re ready when you’re able to make the decision to do whatever it takes to FIX your relationship, even if it’s painful, or leads you in a direction you didn’t expect.

If, after 6 sessions you’re still feeling stuck, you’ll get an additional 2 sessions free of charge, so we can try to find a solution to get you unstuck.

I have used Wib as a regular sounding board for several years. His questions make me think, and I trust the values from which they come. I count him as a trusted advisor.

—June H.