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What's Next?

What you have learned and begun to practice is just the beginning.  Most couples need a coach or mentor to help them continue in a positive direction.

Walk With an Expert


The Hideaway Experience gave you a great start for improving your marriage.  It is just the beginning.

Meet your coach and Mentor

Hi, I’m Wib Newton.

For over 35 years I’ve been helping individuals and couples identify and achieve their personal and relational goals by recognizing obstacles and developing strategies for success. I was one of the original Hideaway Experience team members and have led over 110 intensives.

My wife and I thought we had it all figured out... until we went home and tried what we learned at the Hideaway on our own. It was so easy to fall back into the old habits that brought us to the Hideaway in the first place. Wib helped us stay on point. We even learned a few extra tips that really made a lot of difference.
Josh M
Business Owner

“This isn’t therapy, it’s action. We’ll celebrate your breakthroughs, yes, but my focus is on equipping you with the tools and strategies to sustain and expand your progress.”